FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The below mentioned questions are the most common questions our clients asks us who are really new to web design field and web development. If you are related to web/software probably don’t need to read the following. Please talk to us to know more in detail and start your website
What is a website? and why do we need to have a website?
A website is an online platform to promote your business, services, information. We generally need to have a website to make an online presence to reach our customers/users.
I Already have a domain, How much do you charge for rest of the web design?

This is the most common question asked by our clients/customers. As a part of a package we will offer domain, but as per our company rules, it won’t effect/reduce the package price.

We are a small startup business, what is the best solution for our requirement?
We would like to suggest a minimum 8-10 pages of basic website with a custom design (unique and not copied anywhere). You will need official email IDs to communicate with your customers/officials. Official emails are nothing but if your company website name is www.xyzsolutions.com, then your official email ID would be support@xyzsolutions.com. You need our technical support after the website gone live, it could be related to minor editing, changes, technical help, further up-gradation etc., Ask us for more details we will explain you.
I saw Website for just Rs.99/-, but your pricing is surprising me? Can you please explain me why?
Just for promotional purpose, some companies will attract you like that, once you tie up with them then they will start showing you the real picture. Real companies will not encourages such kind of fake/unrealistic promises. As a leading web design company in Hyderabad, we at Dotcomsoul will give professional services, support as per our company standards and values.
I saw somewhere, some are offering a website for monthly based cheap prices?
As mentioned above, they offer extremely less price just to attract customers. They might give you already pre-designed layouts and you need to create it with their tools, which is not a professional way to build a customized website.
I am staying out of India, how can we work together?
Most of our customers are from USA, UK, Dubai, Australia, France etc., Our mode of communication will be via Emails and chatting. Now a days we have whatsap and hangouts to make the process very fast. So don’t worry about your location, we are globally connected via internet.
How much does it cost to work with you?
Each design project is completely different and we’re happy to provide a quote when we learn more about the project requirements. Think of design as an investment. Great design combined with a great product or service will pay off year after year throughout the life of your business. If you understand how profitable good design can be, let’s talk? If you are looking for a custom quotation then please make a call or draft a mail to us.
What is the procedure for the design process?
First of all we arrange a meeting to discuss your design requirements, and from this we will draw up a plan of the site together with a quote. There is no obligation at all at this stage. If you decide you would like to accept the quote we will require a deposit before we can get started on the design.
How long will the project take to complete?
Just like costing, each design project is different. Some projects may take several weeks and some might take few months or more. The duration of the project is often determined by the project deliverables.
What if I change my mind?
We always expect there to be a few changes to the overall design, and we will work with you to make sure that the final design is what you want. However, once the look of the site has been agreed and we are at a later stage in the design, any major reworking of the existing design will result in additional charges if substantial extra work is required. We will of course inform you of this at the time, before we do the work, and will only go ahead when we have your say-so.
After the advance payment how you start work?
Once you pay the advance payment, then we will supply the 2 customized template designs(mostly, sometime we will directly start the work based on your inputs and our understanding). Once template is confirmed then we will start coding part. Major layout changes are not accepted once the template is finalized. Then we will give you a demo, in this process you can suggest us content change requests, minor errors/bugs. Once everything is completed, then we will go for website live process.
How you do the website live process?

You need to pay the balance/final amount before website gone live. Then we will take 48-72 hours (approx.) time make your website live.

What is your Refund policy?

Once you pay the advance, both parties agree that we will start work on website. If you request us to hold the work with some reasons, then we will put on hold the work but we won’t refund any payment. As per our company policy we do not refund the payments.

What kind of support you provide after sales?

We provide your professional technical assistance to solve your issues and we will charge as per both parties agreement. We at Dotcomsoul give high priority for customer satisfation, quality service, technical assistance and company values.

How long you are in this web design and what are your strengths?

We have started Dotcomsoul in 2014 with a group of enthusiastic professionals and our strengths are Web Design, SEO, Graphic Design (Logo & Brochures) and web consulting. We have highly skilled and experienced professionals to produce the best quality of work. Quality of work and Technical support wise you can expect the best from our company.

What is your team size?

We have 4 web designers, 3 seo experts and 3 developers a small team of creative, experienced and talented experts.

What if, i didn’t find my business related website in your portfolio?

Well, if you do not find the website that is related to your business, then please contact us. We will send you our works that are suitable to your requirement because we do not show all our works due to customers privacy.

Is your price fixed or negotiable?

Our packages pricing is fixed. If the customer requirement is changed, then we will tell the customized pricing.

Finally, How can we start my web design?

Well, once we both agree on pricing and timelines, we will take advance and start the work, further details will be communicated via emails and phone calls.

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