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At the age of 13, Ryan was so inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie, Pumping Iron, he achieved a 4% body fat ratio within a year. Ryan soon discovered that drinking daily pre and post workout protein greatly improved his strength and fitness. However, he quickly grew frustrated with the hassles, poor quality and high costs using shaker/blender bottles, blenders, pre-packaged protein drinks and protein bars. Home produced protein drinks were inconvenient, clumpy and unappetizing, but ready-made shakes were expensive.


About Company

Unable to find an existing product that produced convenient, tasty, clump free and affordable protein shakes, with ingenuity and determination, the Ez Protein machine was born. The world’s first consumer based protein machine, similar to a Keurig, but for protein evolved from idea to reality. He pitched his idea at a local student entrepreneur competition in 2015. He invested his winning entry money and launched the Ez Protein business with his father, Kurt.

In mid 2015, shortly after launching the Ez Protein business, Ryan suffered from serious medical conditions and a series of treatments which sidelined him from working out again until just recently. He and his family visited doctors and clinics around the country, and received dozens of misdiagnoses in their quest to determine the cause and cure for his frequent migraines, chronic fatigue, short term memory loss, back and joint pain, numbness in hands and feet, and many other troubling symptoms. Eventually, it was determined he had Bertolotti’s Syndrome, as well as West Nile and Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD). After a major back surgery to fix Bertolotti’s, and over a year of treatment for CLD, he is finally on his way to better health. Throughout this, Ryan’s passion for the Ez Protein Machine has never dimmed. Ryan wants to see an Ez Protein Machine in every home, gym, and place of business, just like Keurig.

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