Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Choosing a web hosting service not as simple as a basic arithmetic. Since there are so many web hosting providers hitting on the floor, offering similar kind of services. So we have made this decision making easier by showing you why pick Dotcomsoul out of all, and we hope you make up your mind.

We are no where in compromise when it comes in providing our clients the high-quality website hosting. And never the less the lowest price promise is what we live up to.

Let us just dig into some of the services which we will be providing, and give you a brief information. I hope you would stay back for a little while.

Shared Hosting

Cutting to the point, a single server is shared between multiple website owners. Here, at dotcomsoul we provide uninterrupted services to our customers. We have plentiful experiences in providing shared hosting solutions, our team is always cheerful in helping our customers at any point of time. We provide both Linux and windows shared hosting.

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Reseller Hosting

A dotcomsoul reseller plan is a great way to make lots of money. Our reseller plans provide you everything necessary to even start your own business. We provide unlimited hard disk and bandwidth to our customers assuring 100% uptime. Reseller plans available for both Linux and Windows hosting.

VPS Hosting

Why choose a VPS hosting from us? We, give our customer a complete root access with integrated cpanel and customize the server based on the demand. We also provide all the resources which are required over the growth of the website. The website owner can deploy any software and customize the applications at any point of time with an ease. Our VPS hosting plan available with both Linux and Windows.

Email Hosting

Our email hosting plans boosts the email speed, provide high end security for all sending and receiving emails. We provide our clients to send unlimited emails without any reporting spam. We ensure that the emails are delivered at the fastest speed possible with no trouble.

Dedicated Hosting

Choosing a dedicated hosting server, you have no worry to share your resources with other website owners. Here you will be the sole user. This ensures the power performance and we will manage the server on your behalf. Our dedicated hosting plans can be customized based on your business requirements.

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